The pursuit of certainty

Let’s start when we were kids, playing a game of ludo or snake and ladders,we would always love to get the number we wanted in the dice while playing them. We usually like certainty, probably the reason why we got so tempted to rip apart the wrappings of the birthday gifts we used to get. Maybe annoying the hell out of our parents to tell what gift they are getting for us.

We aren’t that different as adults, we would mostly prefer a stable job instead of a risky venture which would either make you crazy rich or bankrupt. If we are studying we would usually prefer a more conventional stream which would provide a stable job over a risky less pursued stream. That’s us trying to be rational and yes it does seem logical to an extent. That’s why we came up with a proverb one in hand is better than two in the bush .

Let’s go to the origin of all these, Paleolithic humans maybe, nah that’s stone age let’s go to ice Age (now I don’t know it’s complex name but if I had the chance I would have named it stale ice cream scoop-because the earth is round, I don’t know if ice Age people were flat earthers, if yes then it would be ice cream slice , I guess?). So let’s consider a group of ice Age people and let’s say there are two food choices a huge heavily wounded mammoth which would certainly provide a lot of food for a long duration but the ladies want a few small berries which are extremely tasty and lie dead opposite to the path that takes u to the mammoth and is also a very risky errand. Now the ladies try to lure the men by telling them that whoever gets them the berries would be given some very special treatment by all the ladies( prehistoric honeytrap) . Now any intelligent and rational Mr. Snowman wouldn’t fall for the ladies but a dumb one would and he would die preventing the propagation of his faulty genome (the complex decent words to avoid being sensored, I’m not showing off).

Anyways we are conditioned to usually take quantity over quality unless it’s extremely tempting (exceptions always exist). When certainty can’t be got in some cases we turn to probabilities, colleges select the top students in hope that they perform well , hire people based on the probability that they might do well based on their statistics. Again quantity over quality, they take people who might have make less mistakes but we don’t know their intensities someone might end up making less but extremely dangerous mistakes against someone who might make multiple insignificant mistakes.

Also as I discussed in the previous post consistency is also a measure to pursue certainty. We would prefer to rather be sure of being in the place we are than having a chance of both having any progress or failing , in turn hesitating to take risks. The other thing we really want to be certain about is our lives, uncertainty in that usually drives us crazy, and when it comes to our existence it’s the same thing not understanding it drives us crazy sometimes believing in crazy things to make us feel sane and certain. Sometimes uncertainty is better than false assumptions of certainty.

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