Something consistent about inconsistency

Well we are mostly told to be consistent at whatever we do -study, work, a hobby or anything. We are told to like equilibrium and also told that the world likes equilibrium , to be honest the world is filled with choas, there isn’t perfect equilibrium. The world tends to go close to equilibrium but won’t achieve it, your fingers are identical but not all the same (I know, classic overly cliched example, sorry for it) , things seem symmetrical yet on close inspection they aren’t. This is what I would love to call as chaotic equilibrium, there is a weird kind of equilibrium co existing with choas (as I always tell -stuff either co-exist or don’t exist ). Now the title speaks about consistency but why did I speak about all these? ( Am I nuts? Might be, chaotic equilibrium I guess).

I would say that you have three options while working on something, one is giving up on it totally and be like goddamn it, second is staying consistent with it, the last is to improve in it. You might be like don’t consistency and improvement go hand in hand? Nope, they don’t go hand in hand, you are entirely mistaken, sorry. What does consistency mean? – acting or done in the same way over time(well this is the google answer for consistent, consistency was defined as “consistent behaviour or treatment” which would have again driven us to the question what is consistent behavior) , well if you read it carefully ( don’t be lazy go read it again) it mentions “acting or doing something in the SAME WAY over time” ( I know most of you are way too lazy to go back and re read it). What is progress mean now? – development towards an improved or more advanced condition. Well if you were consistent that would mean that you are making no progress.

Again stuff either co exist or don’t exist, if you are consistent in doing something you are being inconsistent with progress. Progress involves change and therefore progress can’t occur with consistency. The progress graph can look like a linear  increase 📏  or a chaotic zigzag 📈 .Most times it’s the latter as linear increase is a very ideal situations and as discussed in my earlier posts (go read them if you haven’t please) ideal isn’t real, things not being ideal is what makes them real.

Doesn’t make sense in this scenario? I’ll explain. When a cat is put in a cage with a lever to open the cage it goes about doing random stuff and by mistake touches the lever opening the cage, now the cat is so happy about it’s success that it darts out without noticing what it did to open the lever. Now you put the cat again in the same cage it will again fiddle around trying to fiddle around, with multiple repetitions the cat starts to understand that pressing the lever opens the cage and starts doing it immediately after being put in a cage. Now if you were a consistent cat you would never learn that but instead would fiddle around each time CONSISTENTLY with zero improvement, sometimes you might have to spend a lot of time now to save a ton of time in the future.

Now you might be facing  constant progress but then might have had a sudden decline, so before you start lashing at me let’s go back to the cat scenario. Now the cat is conditioned to pull the lever to get out, so each time you put it in the cage it immediately goes and pulls the lever, now what if you place a button instead of a lever? Or worse place both a button and a lever and make it such that the button opens the cage and not the lever? The cat would still keep on pulling the lever continuously with zero success getting frustrated like hell. Now pushing a button is easier than pulling a lever but the cat doesn’t know it or see it even though it’s kept right in front of it, why?

The cat is conditioned to pull the lever to open the cage and it doesn’t like to go about the whole energy consuming process of searching for better options . It chooses consistency because it is easier  therefore now it ends up stuck in the cage for hell of a long time until it steps on the button by mistake then it again jolts out without noticing what it did to get out, so the process continues, showing that you always usually have a setback before progress or improvement because you are trying something new or more importantly trying to forget the interior thing which you had already learnt before.

Are we any different when compared to this cat? Nope. So let’s try and learn something from these amazing cats.

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